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Xisha Collection

Xisha Collection

Coconut Leather, aka Malai.

The Story

There are a few things that feel as good as home.

The warmth of a dohar on a chilly winter morning; waking up to the sweet coos of the neighbourhood koyal in spring; that wafting aroma of nariyal barfi or a gentle but firm oil massages on a lazy Sunday morning.

One of the things that ties together all our memories of love, care, nourishment and celebration back home in India is the Coconut.

And we at Riti, with the Xisha Collection bring to you just that. Made from natural fibres and bacterial cellulose in the presence of coconut water – Malai, aka Coconut Leather, is an ode to all things sustainable and beautiful.

Our Xisha Collection features Bersas, Wallets and Wire Clips crafted from Malai that has been cultured for over 4 weeks in the hot a humid land of Chertala, Kerala.

Accentuated with natural dyes such as the beautiful brick hue from madder roots, the dark evening gray from gall-nut dyes and Aparajita flower blues from indigo leaves, our Xisha Collection is sure to make you feel as loved as you would at home.

Handcrafted by
Mohammed RashidTailor
Sohail KhanTailor