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Varuna Collection

Varuna Collection

Upcycled Denim

The Story

Did you know that producing 1 pair of jeans requires a staggering 7500 litres of water and countless gallons of our rivers being polluted? When over 20% of the world’s population is deprived of access to clean potable water, our thirsty denim purchases seem like a terrible nightmare.

We at Riti want to be part of the solution.
Be it avoiding over consumption, mending old clothes, swapping or thrifting. Simple solutions can take us closer to healing the planet and living sustainably.

Through this collection we wish to pay homage to Lord Varuna, the Ruler of the Oceans, by helping in the conservation of water, by using old used denims and upcycling them into novel, fun, functional totes, laptop sleeves, bucket bags, belt bags, earrings and scrunchies!
Every purchase from this collection ensures 7500 litres of water doesnt end up wasted.
Do your bit and make every drop of water count!

Handcrafted by
Vandana AgarwalPattern-master