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Misuni Collection

Misuni Collection

24K Gold Ustaa Work.

The Story

Deep in the forests, behind dense shrubs and bushes lies a blanket of thick darkness. A rich tall layer of mahogany velvet engulfs. Strong sturdy Mango Trees and slender long Ashoka Trees form concentric circles and squares. From the midst of this chaos rises a bright luminescence. A powerful scintillating glow that is beyond this World!

This new year, Riti unveils the Misuni Collection consisting of the Pournima Clutch, Nakshatra Clutch, Ardhachandra Clutch, Badal Clutch, Akashganga Clutch along with a range of Bangles, all embossed with 24 Carat Gold Foil.

Handcrafted in Bikaner Rajasthan, Masters use a paste prepared by mixing powdered bricks, jaggery, methi seeds and gum to emboss intricate floral motifs on to the chosen primed surface. At a particular consistency and dryness, 24 Karat Gold Foil is patched over using a very thin sable-hair brush. It is left to dry for over 24 hours and then bordered by a dark contrasting paint.

The Junagarh Fort, Anup Mahal and Chandra Mahal in Bikaner all stand testimony to this enchanting meticulous artform - Ustaa.

Come experience this magnificent regal art through our Misuni Collection.

Handcrafted by
Mohammad SohailPattern-master