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Kinnari Collection

Kinnari Collection

Macrame in Jute Cords.

The Story

The art of Macramé has been practiced in India since the 19th century. Beautifully hand-woven cords, made from organic materials like cotton, twine, linen, hemp, jute or yarn, were used to patiently knot patterns and designs together to create various decorative pieces.

Staying true to the ancient art of Macrame, the Kinnari Collection too is handwoven with love and patience, using organic jute cords and natural dyes. Warm ochre hues have been derived through a natural dyeing technique that employ a mélange of turmeric and marigold flowers, the reds and maroons are derived from Madder roots and beige and off-whites are raw chords in their natural form.

Additionally, our Indian culture lays great emphasis on the significance of knots. The 3 Mangalyam knots in Indian marriages stand for Manasa – believing, Vacha – saying and Karmana - executing.

Through this collection, we urge you to not only believe in sustainability, but uphold in letter and spirit a promise to support the planet and its beings.

Handcrafted by
Javed KhanWeaver