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Gaya Collection

Gaya Collection

Ikat & Khun.

The Story

Gaya is enlightenment, knowledge and truth. Not the kind of knowledge that is stern and uncompromising; but the kind of wisdom that is unflinching, flexible, adaptable, deep and versatile.

Painstakingly handcrafted from a pair of opposites, the Gaya Collection is home to Foldover Pochettes that as their name suggests, can be folded over once, twice or thrice depending on the amount of material it is required to hold. From coins to laptops, the Gaya Pochette can be your accomplice in any journey.

Khun, a local cotton blend as soft as silk has been used since 4000 years by the fishermen community of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Specially offered to the goddess, Khun derives its name from the triangle it is folded into. Intricate motifs inspired from nature are woven onto this fabric. Our Gaya Pochette in Khun is our initiative to get in touch with our roots, our tiny way to sustain our wonderful world.

Ikat, to one’s eye, is art on cloth – a meticulous technique of warp and weft employed to create a hazy but beautiful pattern. Ikat means ‘to bind’ in Indonesian languages; much like our efforts to accommodate the traditional into modern. Handwoven by the weavers of the Disha Foundation from Nalgonda, Telangana, our Gaya Pochette in Ikat is simple, stylish and multi-purpose.

Handcrafted by
Satyanarayan DhageWeaver