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Ahimsa Silk Neem Minaudière


Contrary to the cruel process of making silk by boiling silkworm cocoons, the process of making Ahimsa silk, as suggested by its name, is rooted in compassion. In this process, smaller and broken silk yarns are obtained after the worm becomes a moth, breaks the cocoon and leaves. These yarns are rubbed together and spun into a weave-able yarns. This benevolent silk is then dyed with the goodness of Neem Leaves and pomegranate extracts to bring to you the Dhara Ahimsa Silk Neem Minaudière.

L x W x H9 x 4 x 7 in
Dhara Collection

Dhara Collection

Ahimsa Silk & Muslin.

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The Story

We at Riti see our trees as ancient guides, mischievous chemists and providers of all solutions. We believe that every plant must be respected and cherished for its varied qualities, blessings and merits.

Through our Dhara Minaudière Collection, we bring to you the celebration of our planet - Dhara, through the symbiotic relation between the earth and its forests.

Using leaves to imprint dyes as well as patterns on the fabric - this collection showcases the mindful technique of eco-printing using nothing but nature.

Handcrafted by
Mohammed RashidTailor
Santosh VishwakumarTailor