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All Hemp Tote

Bandana All Hemp Tote

The Bandana All Hemp Tote is made completely from hemp fabric. Rough in texture, this 100% handloom hemp fabric lends a sturdy structure to the earthy Bandana Tote. You can carry all of your things including your house in this spacious Tote!

L x W x H12 x 2.5 x 14 in
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Bandana Pocket Hemp Tote

Pocket Hemp Tote


The Story

A Carbon Warrior.
Needs less water to cultivate than Cotton.
Soil loves it.
Requires not too much land to grow.
Antimicrobial & Durable.
Softens with time.
Protects from UV rays.
Strongest natural fibre.

Talking about none-other than the 9000 year old wonder crop of the Himalayas - Hemp.

Sourced with a little help from our friends, we at Riti have curated this wonder fabric into chic, fun and functional Totes. Check out the Bandana Collection, available in two variants, All-Hemp and Pocket Hemp.

Handcrafted by
Sohail KhanTailor