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Coin Pouch

Kombucha Leather Pouch
Arya Coin Pouch
Arya Coin Pouch
Arya Coin Pouch
Arya Coin Pouch

Kombucha Leather aka Scooby is tough, versatile, bio-degradable, animal-free, low maintenance and 100% earth-friendly. With the addition of the natural pigment of Madder Root – our rustic red Arya Coin Pouch transforms this wonder material into an easy-to-use wristlet, bag or belt attaché.

L x H3 x 3 in
Arya Collection

Arya Collection

Kombucha Leather.

The Story

Fueled by consumerism, climate change continues to wreak havoc. What is equally as formidable, however, is the insatiable demand for animal fur, hyde and skin in fashion.

As climate change becomes a more central issue, clothing designers have looked at alternative methods of production and less conventional materials to cut down on their footprint.

One material in particular that has not only been questioned in terms of environmental impact, but also in terms of animal cruelty is Leather. Producing alarming levels of methane, carcinogenic waste products, heavy oils, exhausting water & land resources, inhumane and cruelty ridden – the use of Leather raises various health and environmental concerns.

Enter Kombucha, a fermented drink made using bacteria, yeast culture and black or green tea, usually consumed for its probiotic and antioxidant properties.
C. Susmith, a material specialist, however, was able to produce a very special Material using this very Kombucha.

Fermenting a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria for over 2 weeks, about 4 litres of coconut water yields a paper-thin but durable sheet of healthy bacteria when dried, with no harmful effects. In two more weeks, the film thickens considerably and once oiled and folded, results in a viable leather alternative, both in terms of looks and texture.

Shop the Arya Collection to own a piece of this novel, innovative, alternative, made-in-India material!

Handcrafted by
Mohammed RashidTailor
Santosh VishwakumarTailor