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Eila Wristlet
Eila Wristlet
Eila Wristlet

From the recesses of Gujarat's hot and humid deserts, we have Gamthi Rabari embroidery fused on black vegan leather to create this traditional meets contemporary Wristlet from our Eila Collection.

L x W x H9 x 2 x 5 in
Eila Collection

Eila Collection

Gamthi Rabari Embroidery.

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The Story

Throughout Hinduism, Shaktism and Tantra, Ardhanareshvara is a symbol of cosmic balance, where sometimes the masculine pole prevails and sometimes the feminine.

The male half of ardhanareshvara stands for Purusha and the female half for Prakriti. Purusha is the male principle, the passive force of the universe; while Prakriti is the female, active force.

As different, opposite and separated by an intervening axis as they may be, both are constantly drawn to embrace each other. It is in this loving embrace that the entire Universe comes to life.

Keeping in-line with our belief of the supreme power of Nature, we introduce to you the perfect balance, the Eila Collection. Made from Vegan Leather and Gamthi Rabari embroidery, this Collection symbolizes the cosmic balance through its bold, yet delicate design divided by an axis of red and black hues.

The Rabari embroidery depicts what we at Riti love most – Nature, through its simple bird, animal, leaf and flower prints. The embroiders of this beautiful form of art, are a small group of women based in the town of Bhujodi, Kutch, Gujarat.
Available as Slings and Wristlets, the Eila Collection is your perfect balance.

Handcrafted by
Nisarg PatelWeaver